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The nature of Shizuoka produces the richest food in Japan,
A journey that unravels the thoughts of the people who foster food culture.
A journey to unravel the nature of Shizuoka, which produces the richest food in Japan,
and the people who nurture its food culture.
Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan,
The ocean of Suruga is the deepest in Japan,
Clear water flowing from the Southern Alps.
And Japan's most diverse ingredients brought to you by the majestic nature.
Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, Suruga Bay, the deepest sea in Japan, and the pure water flowing from the Southern Alps.
We are blessed with the most diverse ingredients in Japan, brought to us by such magnificent nature.
The people of Fujinokuni are
For travelers traveling along the Tokaido, which connects the capitals of east and west,
Interwoven with the blessings of the earth and the thoughts of the people
Serving seasonal delicacies,
We have built a rich food culture.
Since a long time ago, we have welcomed travelers on the Tokaido by serving seasonal cuisines.
The rich culinary culture was built on the compassion of the people there and the bountiful land.
Be grateful for everything from the sea to the mountains,
We are connecting the richness of Shizuoka's food from ancient times to the future.
The gifts from the sea and mountains.With abundant ingredients, we cherish the gastronomy of Shizuoka from the ancient times and in the future.
No matter when you visit, this place is full of
While exploring seasonal delicacies,
The story behind the deliciousness
A journey to unravel and enjoy to the fullest.
Enjoy with the magnificent nature.
Whenever you visit, you will find seasonal delicacies abound in this region.
Along with the magnificent nature, you will be unravelling the stories behind the cuisines and savoring them to the full.
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Lalala Tour
Make Shizuoka gastronomy tourism a “memorable trip”.
A “memorable trip” begins with learning about the history, culture, and background stories associated with the land and ingredients. By knowing the background, the gastronomic experience becomes even more valuable [EXPERIENCE], and by taking time to deeply and slowly carve memories [MEMORY], the trip becomes more fulfilling, and you will definitely want to visit again. Please enjoy a journey through the seasonal flavors of Shizuoka, where you can find delicious food no matter when you visit.
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Lalara travelogue
Brought to you by La La La Writer
A travel guide.
Gastronomy in Shizuoka Prefecture
Let me introduce you. Please visit ♪Lalara~.
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