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A food culture nurtured by history and climate,
Combine with tourism resources to create a moving experience.

What is gastronomy tourism?What is Gastronomy Tourism?

Gastronomy tourism is a type of tourism that aims to enjoy food that has been nurtured by the local climate, customs, traditions, history, etc., and to experience the local food culture. Shizuoka Prefecture is blessed with a diverse climate, including Japan's tallest Mt. Fuji and Japan's deepest Suruga Bay, and is the ``Kingdom of Foodstuffs'' where 439 diverse and high-quality agricultural, forestry, and fishery products are produced. We promote gastronomy tourism that provides visitors with moving experiences by fusing the ingredients and food culture nurtured by the history and climate of each region with tourism resources.

Current situation in Shizuoka PrefectureCurrent Status of Shizuoka

We are working on human resources development and branding by leveraging the power of the "Kingdom of Ingredients", which has 439 diverse and high-quality ingredients, to create a food capital. In addition, this prefecture has the foundations of a sustainable tourism area to promote gastronomy tourism, including tourism resources such as Mt. Fuji, the Izu Peninsula, and the Southern Alps, as well as sustainable agricultural production practices (a global agricultural heritage site). there is. Efforts to promote gastronomy tourism have begun across the country, and we need to differentiate ourselves by honing Shizuoka Prefecture's diverse ingredients and local resources.

Gastronomy Tourism ForumGastronomy Tourism Forum

What is Gastronomy Tourism Forum?

The Gastronomy Tourism Forum is made up of a variety of stakeholders including chefs, producers, and business operators.Free membership network organization.
Creating tourism services that make use of the unique food culture of a region, such as creating travel products that allow you to enjoy food nurtured by the local climate, customs, traditions, and history, and experience the local food culture. It is intended to.

The need for a forum

In order to establish gastronomy tourism in Shizuoka Prefecture that is competitive with other regions, it is important to collaborate not only with the government but also with other stakeholders, including chefs, producers, and business operators.

What the forum aims to be

We will create a story about the food, food culture, and tourism resources that are unique to each region, refine and differentiate them, and create many places where you can enjoy high-quality food experiences that are unique to the region.

01 Lake Hamana, eel, Mikkabi mandarin oranges, Takiya fishing, Hamana natto, Kanzanji hot springs, Bentenjima, oysters, Hamamatsu Castle, Arai Seki ruins...
02 Enshu Sanzan, Akiba Kaido (salt road), crown melon, dumplings to ward off evil spirits, tea, Chagusaba farming, vegetarian cuisine, Jiro persimmon...
03 Southern Alps, Oigawa, Oigawa tea ceremony food culture, hot springs, yuzu, gyokuro, local sake...
04 Suruga Bay, Toro Ruins, Miho Matsubara, Bonito, Tuna, Shizuoka Oden, Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, Sakura Shrimp, Tororo Soup, Orito Eggplant...
05 Mt. Fuji, Fuji Shugen Shugen, Kakita River Spring Water, Kintaro, Fujinomiya Yakisoba, Hakone Seiroku Mishima Vegetables, Craft Beer, Deep Sea Fish, Nishiura Mikan...
06 Geopark, hot springs, Kawazu cherry blossoms, Izu literature, wasabi, kingfish, spiny lobster, sea bonito, shiitake mushrooms...

Main activities of the forum (benefits)

We will provide forum members with the latest information on gastronomy tourism and hold workshops.

Benefits of joining a forum (example): Joining the forum will help resolve various issues faced by members.

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The Gastronomy Tourism Forum is open to anyone interested in gastronomy tourism, regardless of whether they are a corporation or an individual. If you would like to become a member, please apply below. *Please check the forum membership terms and conditions before applying.

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