2024.03.25 ダ イ ニ ン グ Report released on the 2nd Delicious Lalala Dining, a one-day feast hosted by up-and-coming Japanese chefs
2024.03.25 Lalara journey We have released information that you can experience on a day trip.
2024.03.19 ダ イ ニ ン グ A report on the one-day special feast “Delicious Lalala Dining” has been released.
2024.03.18 Lalara travelogue Ralala travelogue updated Top frozen bonito landings nationwide. Yaizu bonito flakes play a role in Japanese food culture.
2024.03.15 Lalara travelogue Ralara Travel Update Special Contribution Visiting Misakubo's Yuzu Mochi and Millet Foods
2024.03.12 Media An article was published in Ryori Tsushin
2024.03.08 inform Lake Hamana Flower Expo and Gastronomy Enjoyment Campaign
2024.03.04 Lalara travelogue Ralara Travelogue Update A journey to reminisce about the Tokugawa era through Shizuoka's lacquer culture.
2024.02.22 Lalara travelogue Lalara Travel Update Plump Hamamatsu eel grown in a warm climate. Visit the birthplace of eel farming.
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