2024.03.19 ダ イ ニ ン グ
A report on the one-day special feast “Delicious Lalala Dining” has been released.

On Wednesday, November 2023, 11, "Delicious Lalala Dining" sponsored by Shizuoka Prefecture was held at "Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha" (29-1 Miyamachi, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture).
Shizuoka Prefecture is promoting gastronomy tourism in order to promote tourism by taking advantage of being one of the nation's top-class ``kingdoms of food ingredients''. As part of this effort, we will hold ``Bimi Ralara Dining'' (dining event) named after the Shizuoka prefecture brand of gastronomy tourism, ``Bimi Ralara.''
Naoki Maeda, owner of Sasue Maeda Gyoten in Yaizu, which is attracting attention from chefs around the world, is in charge of overall production, and the venue will be set at Mt. Four top chefs from Niigata Prefecture will create a special one-day feast using plenty of ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture.
We would like to introduce the details of the morning session, which was held in two sessions: morning and afternoon.

Report on the one-day special feast “Delicious Lalara Dining” (Part 1)
Report on the one-day special feast “Delicious Lalara Dining” (Part 2)

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