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[Sunpu] A journey through the food of Tokaido, where the history and culture of artisans come and go
Sunpu was chosen by Tokugawa Ieyasu as his retirement location. To build shrines and temples in Sunpu, lacquer craftsmen, joiners, carpenters, and others were gathered from all over the country, and they continued to settle there, so various traditional crafts such as Suruga bamboo work, Japanese dyeing, woodwork, lacquer, and pottery have been passed down strongly. It is. In addition, various food cultures have intersected through the interactions of people traveling along the Tokaido. Sunpu is a city steeped in history and food culture. Please enjoy the food of Suruga and Shizuoka while thinking about the past.

[Experience lacquer crafts] Experience the culture of lacquer painting and experience making chopsticks at Takumi-shuku, a workshop in Sunpu

There are many traditional crafts used for meals, such as Suruga lacquerware and Igawa menpa, and food and craftsmanship are deeply connected to people's lives. At Takumi-shuku, you can experience traditional crafts while experiencing the history. You can enjoy the experience of ``creating, playing, learning, and touching'' at the feet of Lord Ieyasu. During the tour, you can experience making your own chopsticks using a lacquer sharpener. You can choose the color and length yourself and create your own original chopsticks depending on how you sharpen them. Experience the craft culture unique to Sunpu at one of the largest traditional craft experience facilities in Japan.

[Experience grated yam at Maruko-juku] “Grated grated yam soup clove shop” is a place of relaxation for people traveling on the Tokaido

Founded in 1596. At Maruko-juku, the 20th post station on the 14rd station of the Tokaido, there is a ``Tororo Soup Clove Shop'' that has been entertaining people traveling on the Tokaido. A long-established store that has been welcoming people since its inception without changing its location. Its appearance still retains the appearance of the old folk houses with thatched roofs depicted in Hiroshige Utagawa's ukiyo-e prints, making you feel as if you have traveled back in time to the Edo period. Enjoy traditional yam soup while listening to Mr. Sugita, the XNUMXth generation clove shop owner and a young farmer who has inherited the tradition of growing yam, about the history of Tokaido and the cultivation of wild yam.

[Experience lacquer culture at a shrine] Shizuoka Sengen Shrine, which is all lacquered and richly colored, is connected to Tokugawa Ieyasu

Shizuoka Sengen Shrine, commonly known as "Osengen-sama," enshrines three shrines: Kanbe Shrine, Sengen Shrine (two shrines in the same hall), and Otoshi Goso Shrine, and has been in existence for over 26 years. It is widely believed by people. There are 2014 shrine buildings within the precincts, most of which are completely lacquered. All of the buildings have been designated as national important cultural properties, and are currently undergoing a 20-year repainting process that began in XNUMX, and you can already see the beautifully repainted tower gates, north corridor, and other glossy buildings. Masu. It is fun to walk around the temple grounds with Gonegi, listen to stories about its history and lacquer culture, and think about the past.

[Special experience points]
Comes with 1 cup of Mukago Shochu 
・Enjoy comparing the tororo soup made with Shizuoka's native Japanese yam and soup stock selected by the 14th generation owner.
・The atmosphere of this clove shop is a modern reproduction of the thatched roof depicted in ukiyo-e, making you feel as if you have traveled back in time. The owner himself will explain the history of Tokaido as well as the materials that remain at the clove shop, which has been in business for 14 generations.
・We will hear directly from Mr. Sugita, a young Japanese yam producer, about the production methods and characteristics of the Japanese yam that takes a year to make with great care.
- Held with a small number of people (maximum 8 people). An area coordinator who is responsible for Shizuoka Prefecture's gastronomy tourism initiatives will accompany you on the tour.

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