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[3 hours day trip] Edomae sushi made by a female sushi chef x tea pairing of Kawane tea

Enjoy the marriage of Edomae sushi that shines with craftsmanship that takes advantage of the blessings of Suruga Bay and Asahien's award-winning Kawane tea.

Originally, Edomae sushi referred to sushi made with seafood caught in Edomae (Tokyo Bay). Later, at a time when there was no refrigeration technology, ``Edomae'' came to be defined as techniques that added various types of processing, such as finishing with vinegar, boiling in broth, salting, and marinating in sauce. That's it. At ``Anago no Uochiku Sushi,'' we offer Edomae sushi using the rich bounty of Suruga Bay and seasonal delicacies from all over the country, with careful attention to detail in each batch.

We serve delicious Edomae sushi made with delicate handiwork that is unique to women. 

Yumi Chiba, a sushi chef, applies Edomae techniques to all sushi noodles. She is a female sushi chef who shines in the overwhelmingly male-dominated world of sushi, but on the other hand, she is not particular about being a woman, she is always conscious of whether she can make delicious sushi, she spares no effort in studying, and she impresses people with her wonderful craftsmanship. fascinates me. Mr. Chiba has the cleanliness and dignity of a craftsman in his gentle smile. He talks about the appeal of sushi, as well as the appeal of the Shizuoka Prefecture ingredients that support it.

A female tea master at Asahien in Kawane pairs Shizuoka tea with Edomae sushi.

Among the tea production areas in Shizuoka Prefecture, Kawane tea is famous throughout the country.
Blessed with fertile soil and river mist from the Oigawa River, the Kawane area developed as a tea producing area that produces the finest taste and aroma. Asahien has been here in Kawane for more than half a century since its establishment, and has always pursued the best taste and provided high-quality tea, winning the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the National Fair, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, and the Shizuoka Prefecture Governor's Award. I continue to do so.
Tea master Miki Asahina pairs tea with Yumi Chiba's Edomae sushi. Enjoy the exquisite flavor pairing created by the two.

A delicate and moving marriage of Edomae sushi and Shizuoka green tea. 

Edomae sushi was originally created in an era when there was no refrigeration technology and was modified to make it easier to preserve. Vinegar, wasabi, and green tea were believed to have the effect of killing bacteria, and it became a favorite along with Edomae sushi. Tea is inseparable from Edomae sushi. At Uochiku Sushi, seasonal seafood is used as sushi, white fish is seasoned with kelp, red meat is pickled, octopus is boiled in soft cherry blossoms, and the famous conger eel is prepared using a secret technique. The craftsmanship is added to suit the situation, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors. The tea that goes with it never interferes with the sushi, playing a supporting role but creating a wonderful harmony. We are particular about the type of tea leaves, brewing method, temperature, and other tea utensils, so please enjoy the unique pairing of Edomae sushi and tea to your heart's content.

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