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[1 night 2 days] Gourmet experience to enjoy Nishiizu's geo blessing "Wasabi" and local ingredients

The unique topography of the Izu Peninsula produces clear water and a variety of ingredients.

Nishiizu Town is said to be the city with the best sunsets in Japan, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. After driving about 3 km along a mountain road that makes you wonder if there really is a glamping facility here, from the seaside to the mountains of the Ukusu district located in the center of Nishi-Izu Town, a forest suddenly opens up and a large trailer house appears. ``Wasabi Village'' will appear, consisting of four buildings.
It is a glamping facility that opened in October 2022. As the name suggests, Wasabi Village is run by Mr. and Mrs. Fujii, who are wasabi farmers, and is a ``secret for adults'' surrounded by the great nature of Izu, where you can enjoy wasabi harvesting at Wasabi Sawa, chopping firewood, picking shiitake mushrooms, and more. This is a facility with a theme of "base".

The charm of pesticide-free wasabi grown in Nishi-Izu's spring water.

It is about a 10 minute walk from Wasabi Village further into the mountains. A rich amount of spring water, a bounty from the mountains of Izu, flows into the wasabi stream, which is piled up on terraces, and the lush wasabi that is so powerful and beautiful spreads out all over the wasabi stream. Mr. and Mrs. Fujii reborn Wasabisawa, which had become so dilapidated that it no longer retains its original shape, by re-piling stones, filling it with soil, and creating waterways. It is said that it took six years before it could be harvested. Delicious wasabi produced using the Shizuoka Water Wasabi Traditional Farming Method, which has been recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage Site, can only be produced with abundant water. The unique geology and climate of Izu, which has experienced repeated eruptions since ancient times and receives a lot of rainfall, the mineral-rich water, and the passion of the producers, Mr. and Mrs. Fujii, create delicious wasabi.

Chef Arai is a French chef who is also a member of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team.

Mr. Yuki Arai, who moved from Tokyo with his family in April 2022, was attracted to Nishi-Izu's pristine nature and decided to move here. While working as a community revitalization cooperation team, I am currently making preparations to open a physical store and working as a traveling chef, making use of Izu ingredients.

Fully enjoy the blessings of the land of Izu.

  The Izu Peninsula was born about 2000 million years ago. Due to the movement of the Philippine Sea Plate, it was moved from the ocean far south and continues to push into Honshu, creating a diverse landmass. The Izu Peninsula is blessed with not only a rich landscape, but also fertile soil created by volcanoes, abundant spring water, and a rich fishing ground nurtured by Japan's deepest Suruga Bay. The stable temperature and volume of spring water produces flavorful wasabi, the sunny and well-drained land produces delicious citrus fruits, and the deep sea is home to a wide variety of seafood, including Japanese spider crabs.
Taking advantage of Izu's abundance of seasonal ingredients, Chef Arai, who is well-versed in the local food culture, creates a number of wonderful French dishes, introducing the ingredients and creating courses. Dinner served in the open air under a starry sky is something special.
For breakfast, you shave your own dried bonito flakes, which have been passed down in Nishiizu, and grate freshly harvested wasabi into a wasabi bowl. After your meal, enjoy coffee brewed with spring water. Please enjoy a variety of foods that can only be experienced here in Nishiizu.

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