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[3-hour day trip] Enjoy a delicious eel feast at Lake Hamana, the birthplace of eel farming

Lake Hamana is a treasure trove of a variety of seafood.

Lake Hamana is a brackish water lake that is connected to the Enshu Sea by a 200m wide cut. The average depth of the water is shallow at 5 meters, and nutrient-rich water flows in from the surrounding rivers, making it home to a wide variety of creatures. Various aquaculture activities are also carried out, including lake surface fishing for fish, shrimp, and crabs, shellfishing for clams, and shallow sea aquaculture for seaweed and oysters.


Tour the eel farm at Ebisen, which has been in business for 100 years. 

Ebisen delivers seafood from Lake Hamana and the Enshu Sea to customers inside and outside the prefecture. We have been involved in the local fishing industry for a long time, and we carry a wide variety of seafood, including seasonal fish, as well as eel, blowfish, and crab that we farm ourselves.
Ebisen, which farms approximately 10 eels in its 20-sided eel farm, is particular about the feed it feeds and takes great care in managing the condition of the eels, earning it the trust of local chefs. Masu.
President Kamo, who knows everything about Lake Hamana from ancient times to the present, including the culture and history of eel farming that has taken root in Lake Hamana, will captivate everyone with his stories about the fishing industry. President Kamo is a true child of Lake Hamana, as he freely shares his knowledge about the characteristics of Lake Hamana's water quality, the ecosystem of the fish and shellfish it inhabits, and changes in the environment.
As you appreciate the food that Lake Hamana grows, you will want to know more about Lake Hamana. You can listen to stories that make you feel that way.


Lake Hamana is the birthplace of eel farming. 

It is said that the history of eel farming in Lake Hamana can be traced back to the mid-20s. This is because the area around Lake Hamana meets the three conditions necessary for eel farming.
The first is that it is a fishing ground where you can catch natural glass eels, which are young eels. Every year, parent eels are released into the open ocean, and the eels are carried by ocean currents to the Mariana Straits. Young glass eels born far away in the Mariana Straits are carried back to the area around Lake Hamana by ocean currents. The mystery of food created by nature. The blessing of Lake Hamana lies in the fact that we can obtain natural glass eel.
The second condition is that it is blessed with abundant groundwater from the Mikatahara Plateau. The Tenryu River, which is sandwiched between the Akaishi Mountains and the Kiso Mountains, is the source of blessings.
The third reason is that Lake Hamana is rich in small fish that are used as food for eels.
In addition to eel farming, Lake Hamana is blessed with favorable conditions for aquaculture, and the aquaculture industry of eel, sweetfish, oysters, and soft-shelled turtles has flourished since ancient times, and you can feel the history of growing together with water.

Enjoy the eel served with a secret sauce. 

Established in 50, "Yamamoto-tei" buys locally caught live fish, keeps them in a fish cage pumped with underground seawater at a depth of 50 meters, and serves them to customers in the best condition. At the entrance of the restaurant, there is a fish tank filled with soft-shelled turtles, and when you enter the restaurant, you will see a fish tank with beautiful spiny lobster swimming in front of you, which is sure to give you a sense of elation before you eat.
The eel served at Yamamoto-tei is open-backed, Kanto-style, and is grilled to white, steamed, and grilled again. It's also fun to be able to enjoy the light and fluffy shirayaki. Unajyu uses a secret sauce that has been used over and over since its establishment, and the slightly sweet sauce is popular among locals.
The eel you eat after touring the eel farm at Ebisen will be even more delicious, and the fragrant aroma will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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